Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Trash, trash everywhere (but the garbage can)

I'd heard a lot about the trashy group of PCVs that's been getting on buses to talk about the littering problem in El Salvador from various different people, and now here it is on You Tube! Much more effective than the teeth-clenching I've done the few times I've taken the bus from San Miguel to San Sal.

Edwin quickly discovered that he can't throw his trash out the car window anymore or I'll start screaming. Now he just has fun with me by opening the window and threatening to drop whatever it is. They make a good point really...trash = money here. Sometime last year I was going someplace with one of the drivers from CCSA and on the way we stopped to drop off a couple of bags of soda cans. There's no recycle bins at work, so the cans had been picked out of the trash (silly, since many educational institutions and otherwise have separate bins at least for organics and inorganics). I think there was three trash bags full and he got some $30 for them! I even took pictures of the bins at other binational centers and made a recycled paper box in supervision, but still no separate bins for the cans.

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