Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Hospital Fun

I finally had to break down and take myself to the doctor after waking up this morning with a fever and nasty sinusitis. So, I headed back to the hospital I took a friend to last year, Profamilia. I guess I'd never noticed that it's mostly a maternity hospital. Very nice people, as before, but I really got a kick out of the sign hanging in the waiting room that lists their commonly offered services and the prices. So, for my general consultation it was $5.75. You could also have a STD consultation for $5.75 or your tubes tied for the mere price of $39.95 (male version I think was $34.95). Pap smear for $4 and something (the nurse tried to sell me on this one). Awesome! Way better and far more amusing than the general physical I had to pay for with one of the post-recommended doctors which came out to around $200 in the end just to fill out some papers.

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