Saturday, January 01, 2011

The 10 Best of 2010

Feliz 2011

My husband and I decided not to go anywhere for Christmas break this year.  It's been nice being lazy and doing whatever I want, but I realized that the last time I hadn't gone anywhere for Christmas was probably freshman year of high school.  A bit strange, to say the least.  I've done a lot of traveling and moving in the past 15 years, and an enormous amount in the past 4.  It was about time for a rest, I suppose.  I've also decided that I'm about done sending Christmas cards.  Facebook and email is so much easier and cost efficient.  

Baltimore has been good to both of us so far, and is already starting to feel like home.  I love my job teaching ESOL in Baltimore City Public Schools, and Edwin enjoys interpreting and translating for the school system.  We've been here since September, and are both glad to be here after a rather lousy start in North Carolina.  There's yummy Greek food across the street and basically anything that we could want from El Salvador except 80 degree Decembers and the beach within walking distance. 

What I'm looking forward to in 2011 (not exactly resolutions, but things that I'm going to do or would like to get done):
  1. Start saving for a down payment on a house.  Rent is ridiculous and a mortgage would be cheaper.  
  2. Go to big TESOL in New Orleans.
  3. Teach online again, and maybe go back to Peru.
  4. Be in Roatan or Colombia or at least El Salvador this time next year.
  5. Make myself run again, since zumba and yoga aren't cutting it.
  6. Vow to shop at the markets instead of the "super"markets.
  7. Present at Maryland TESOL next fall.
  8. Find more gringo food that Edwin will actually eat.  
  9. Start volunteering again...hasn't been the same since I left Cincinnati. 
  10. Write!  I started this year, but fell off the train when I had to go back to lesson plan world.