Saturday, November 29, 2008

Colombo Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, with turkey and most other necessary foods.

My fifteen pounds of mashed potatoes. Never want to see potatoes again (at least til next year).

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Trip to Colombo Armenia

On Tuesday I went to Armenia, about 2. 5 hours on very very curvy mountain roads from Manizales, to do a workshop on learner autonomy at the Colombo there. The workshop went well, and it was warmer in Armenia than here, so all and all happy.

The best part of the trip was the finca that I stayed at, El Balso. When I called to make a reservation the day before, one of the owners just laughed and said they would come get me at the Colombo and that was all the reservation I needed. Her husband, Don Julian, all of seventy-something years, came to get me, bought me dinner, told me about the plantation, and then drove me out to the finca in a downpour that didn't end for more than twelve hours.
The finca still produces coffee and platano, and is gorgeous to say the least. Even though the Panamerican was probably less than a kilometer away, the silence was deafening after the noise of my apartment. I don't know the last time I've had coffee that good, and breakfast was fabulous, with fruit grown right there. I love the architecture, the colors, everything. And all for $85.000 pesos (more or less $40). I'd just randomly picked the place, but turns out I'd read about it the Times several years ago (
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Pre-election work fun

Even though I missed out by not being at work for election day, I did get to enjoy the pre-election day fun. The EducationUSA advisor and I made info boards for both candidates, and the teachers and students actually used them.

I also learned the Obama really is a lot taller than McCain!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

The Wedding

I'll add more pictures as I can. Despite my serious doubts, the wedding turned out great. We had the live music (Tierra Caliente), it wasn't high tide (although I seriously believe that the hotel should acquire tide charts), and I could pay with my credit card (instead of carrying a very large wad of bills with me to the beach). The sunset was perfect, the flowers, even the crazy sealife soooo much cheaper than home! I now have a small fortune in makeup that I don't know how to use/am too lazy too use, but thanks Quyen, I looked awesome! I learned my lesson about inviting people though. They may say yes, but change their minds at the last minute, or simply just not tell you. Hmmm. Oh well.

I needed a break from chilly, rainy Manizales, and this was just the ticket. I only wish that I'd had longer than two weeks, but work calls!