Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th of July

After getting soaked to the bone the night before at the embassy's party, at least there was a little bit of sun for the kiddies to dance. We taught them the Virginia Reel, since they came on the 3rd and said they needed to learn how to "square dance." The last time I'd done square dancing of any kind was at the Appalachian Studies Association's conference back when I was still in AmeriCorps, but luckily the students are quick learners and good at inventing. It was the most country music I'd heard in a long time, and songs that were from the early to mid 90s. This fourth was significantly more fourth-like, with ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs (with cole slaw on for me and don't think I'll try it again). Even fireworks, although there was a humongous tree blocking the view...

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