Saturday, March 04, 2006

Finally...the Mud Volcano

The Friday of Carnival week Ernest, Evalina (Heather's friend visiting from Canada), and I took off early to go to Totumo, the infamous mud volcano. It's about 45 minutes from Uninorte in taxi, which ended up being a little expensive, but it was worth it to escape from the city for a little bit before the craziness of the weekend.

It was certainly a strange experience. The landscape is very desert-like, surreal in some places. Totumo really looks more like a large ant hill than anything else. You climb up a set of rickety little stairs to get to the top. And once you get in, you just kind of float. In a nothing that feels like something. It was funny; I couldn't get my legs to sink down into the mud, but nor did I really want them to! The mud itself is supposed to work wonders on your skin, but I can't say I've seen much difference, other than smelling like sulphur for the whole trip back. I wasn't daring enough to stick my whole head in like most of the other people did, but at least I was brave enough to get in!

Once you get out of your mud bath, there are ladies waiting for you to help you wash off in the (very nasty) cienaga. That was an experience in itself! I'm trying out Bubbleshare here...I'll add more photos to the album later.

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sky_broken said...

ta buena las fotos saludos desde seattle,wa

sky_broken said...

good pictures!

Berta said...

Hi again, Erin. Very interesting experience and really good photos. The phrase "In a nothing that feels like something" really called my attention. I have never felt that before.

Well, this was your first try at Bubbleshare and wonder if you have decided to place sound to each photo, something easy to do once you have your photos in sequence.

Warmly, Berta