Saturday, March 04, 2006



FITO said...

Hi Erin, I am so amazed. You posted a message in my blog about the differences between spicy food in Mexico and Barranquilla. Well, I suppose you are working as English teacher in my lovely Universidad del Norte. I graduated from this university, and now I am abroad experiencing the trainee life thanks to the Aiesec exchange program. Last year I was living in Mexico City (my first aiesec traineeship) and it was a very nice experience there, now I am having my second traineeship in Pardubice, Czech Republic….and I am also happy for it. I was checking your blog and I was surprised watching the pictures from our carnival……for sure you had a good time and maybe you got drunk with some “aguardiente”. Are you trainee? Ok, I like meeting people from around the world, so if you want to make a new “barranquillero” friend, just write me to Enjoy “Curramba la bella”.

Berta said...

What a colorful Carnival event. I see you are truly enjoying your stay in Colombia.