Thursday, August 14, 2008

More caliche

Continuing on with the words that start with "c" that may or may not exist anywhere other than El Salvador. Happy to say that this is not only problematic for me, but also for other Spanish speakers that are not from here.

- devil
Deja de mencionar el cachudo.

chapudo- red-colored
Estas chapuda. (What people say to me after I go to the beach or really anywhere outside here)

chompipe- turkey (like Thanksgiving dinner)

- too short (like pants)
Me queda chulunco.

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Mirna said...

Hello , forgot words like:
Chuco : dirty or dark corn atole good after a drinking night.
Chiquero: Place where pigs live and can refered to a place that is messy.
Chancleta: sandal not made of anmal skin
Chivo: meaning great
Chorriado: dripped