Friday, February 10, 2006

Podcasting Delayed...A Little

Oh I miss your 24 hour a day fast Internet connection. Sigh. I'm lucky to have what I do here, but I miss my play time, the time to learn how all this new techie stuff works. I need to figure out how to make video files small enough that I can post them on my blog and how to convert existing files into a file format that is smaller as well. For the time being, I'll remain a lurker in the collaborative blogging session! I didn't end up having a spare minute to do my first podcast today, but I plan to give it a try this weekend. Tired of putting these things on my to-do list every week and they never get done. During one of my classes that I taught in the lab this week, I was happy to see that one of my fellow teachers sitting in the back of room was creating his own blogs and asking questions right along with my students!

On another note, I'm also waiting to see if they have much of the 2006 Winter Olympics on tv here. We get a couple of sports channels with the cable, but they only seem to play soccer games! I did get to see some of the U.S. figure skating finals last week, so I still remain hopeful.

Info that I enjoyed finding from this week's blog06 suggestions:

  • What is a blog? If you have any doubts, check out The Weblog Project.
  • A Podcast on How to Podcast. This was very helpful. I'm going to try to make my first audio entry later today.
  • Collaborative Blogging I need to join this.
  • Uwe's Bookblog entries. This week's entry is Bill Bryson's (who I love) Notes from a Small Island. This motivates me to try making my own bookblog. Barranquilla doesn't have a culture of readers, so anything I can do to help my students become more interested in reading would be a step in the right direction.


Jane said...

What a gem it was, checking out your blog. It so nice to find out that some of those quiet lurkers are following along diligently. I really enjoyed reading your posts! (And I too have been trying to squeeze in views of the Winter Olympics) --Jane

Jane said...

Erin--what a gem to come across your blog! I really enjoyed reading your posts and am so pleased to see how diligently you are quietly following along. I have also been trying to steal some time away from my computer to watch the Winter Olympics! --Jane

Erin said...

It's sad though, Jane...someone told me this weekend that there's actually a Colombian competing in Torino, but there really aren't any channels showing coverage of the games here on the coast.

Uwe Klemm said...

Erin -

thanks for the sonnet. What a splendid idea! A very interesting text and smart remarks. An audioblog for poetry lovers - that would be quite something... But there, my courage leaves me.
And - thanks for mentioning & linking my bookblog. Im curious to see your first post on books...


Berta said...

Hi Erin, thanks for leaving a message in my blog. I finally managed to post an audio message some days later on the curiosities of our weather related to the way we dress (which is sort of formal when you think sometimes it is really hot outside).
I too suffer from not having DSL 24 hours a day as I do a lot of work at home (and live in a spot of the city where no company offers the service, just dial up). I´ll get to your two bubbleshares tomorrow. I already have the photos I want to use for mine but have not been in the office long enough to do it yet.
I love your blog. How was the other EVO session you signed up for?
Warm regards from neighboring Venezuela, Berta