Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer, Finally

At last, a summer that I don't have to work!  Maybe I'm not going to Roatan and El Salvador for the whole summer like I'd wanted, but I finally have a "real" vacation!  We've been in Baltimore for two years now, but I've spent the past two summers doing teacher training.  This summer, I plan to read, write to publish (or really just to have something to use so I can apply for my doctorate), make all my lesson plans for the Spanish classes I'll be teaching next school year, and yes, still go to El Salvador.  The longer we're in the U.S., the more I want to move back abroad, but I think I need to be a little more patient.  We're still waiting on Edwin's residency to be renewed (which is a story I think I'd like to write once it's over and done), and trying to figure out how to have his mother's travel visa approved (she was turned down once already for reasons unknown). I love my job teaching here in Baltimore, but it's exhausting sometimes and I miss working with adults and teachers.   

I also want to use this summer to get to know Maryland better.  I tend to forget, living in treeless southeast Baltimore, that it's a beautiful state with many things to see and do.  We go to DC on a regular basis, which is always fun, but the traffic and parking are not so much. In an effort to spend more time outside, Edwin finally bought a fishing pole, so now it's a bit easier to convince him to go to the bay.  I have various plans to berry pick and can, even though my garden's a bit wild this year.

All in all, I'm looking forward to this summer!

On my list of Maryland places to visit:

Harper's Ferry (again):

We went to visit my parents in May when they were camping there, and it was beautiful.  I think it might have even helped me convince Edwin to buy a tent and camping gear.  Hiking. Kayaking. History. Lovely.

Deep Creek Lake: 

Maryland's best kept secret?  

The Beach (but not Ocean City) and the Eastern Shore:

Think Misty of Chincoteague.  Who doesn't love wild ponies?  And the beach is beautiful.  Tent would come in handy here, too, since O.C. left a lot to be desired. 



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