Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quest for Salvadoran Food

After 3 months here in North Carolina, Edwin is going crazy for pupusas.  I can't blame him...the quality of food here is absolutely disgusting.  At home, he cooks almost everything we eat for the simple fact that he is incapable of even dreaming of changing his eating styles.  And really, so am I.  I miss miss miss 2 hour lunches where that was my big meal of the day.  After I get home from school, there's no way I'm going to cook, and I love Salvadoran dinners, so...

Sad thing is that it took me this long to find out where there's Salvadoran food close by.  Another trip to Norfolk/Virginia Beach to search out pupusas is on the plate for today!  God bless Justin, whoever he is, and his lovely map of local markets.  

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