Sunday, August 02, 2009

Casa de Alejandro Cotto

Don Alejandro Cotto recently donated his house and museum in Suchitoto to CCSA (the institution I worked at for two years in the English Language Fellow Program). The structure needs a lot of physical work to bring it up-to-par, and CCSA doesn't have the resources to handle it on their own. Does anyone know where funding for such repairs can be found? One of my friends was asking me to see what I could find out, but that's certainly not my realm of expertise. Alejandro Cotto is well-known in Suchitoto and in El Salvador for supporting the arts and preserving the past of Suchitoto, as well as putting it on the map for tourists.

En la casa de Alejandro Cotto - Suchitoto

Here's the story, plus video, posted in El Diario de Hoy

and another article written about Don Cotto's house in La Prensa Grafica

Although Suchitoto is admittedly not one of my favorite places to visit in El Salvador unless it's after dark (think killer sun and not much breeze), this is an extremely important project for the town and for El Salvador.

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Mercedes said...

I went there in the summer of "10", it was beautiful, i loved it their it gave me a hole new perspective in life. i really enjoyed my time at Alejandro Cotto museum! it was really fascinating. i hope to go back and spend more time there! I would definitely recommend people to go there and visit!