Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I could work at a newspaper, too

This is our wedding announcement that ran in the Findlay Courier today. See my comments in red, like a good little teacher. I'm highly amused, even though I know my mom just made up some of it because they wanted that information.

Lowry-Vasques Vasques is not my husband's last name, Lopez is. Vasquezzzzzzzzzz is the second last name. But hey, they got my last name right, which was more than the San Salvador alcaldia could do in a month.

Erin Kay Lowry, of Manizales, Colombia (I'm most definitely not Colombian, and even more definitely NOT paisa), and Edwin Vladimir Lopez Vasques, of San Salvador, El Salvador were married Nov. 10 (we were married November 8, and then that was the religous wedding; we were actually married civilly June 21) at Ranco (Rancho, hello, like ranch) Estero y Mar in the department of La Paz, El Pimental Beach.

The officiants were Joses David Ramirez and Gregory Hunt.

A reception followed.

The bride's maid of honor was Consuelo Rivas. Best man was Josue Arevalo.

The bride wore an off-the-shoulder satin
(I was wearing satin??) dress covered with pleated organza. She carried a bouquet of tropical flowers.

The bride is the daughter of Darrell and Linda Lowry of Bluffton. A graduate of Cory-Rawson High School, she studied informational systems (capitalize please) and Spanish at the University of Cincinnati as an undergraduate and received a master's
(capitalize please) degree in English as a second language(not sure when native speakers of English study their own language as a second language, but okay). She is employed at the English Language Fellowship (Fellow) Program.

The groom is the son of Blanco Angelica Vasques of San Salvador, El Salvador. He received a bachelor's
(capitalize please) degree in business administration (capitalize please) from the Universidad Politecnica de El Salvador and is employed in the customs department of the government of El Salvador.

The couple traveled to Roatan, Honduras on their honeymoon. They will live in Central America.
(this is quite frankly news to me!)

Note: This is also why I read the Times and watch BBC in the morning unless I want to know how the Buckeyes are doing.


Fly Brother said...

His mom's name is Blanco?

Erin said...

Sigh...missed that one. Yes, Blancoooooooooooooooo.

Niki said...

I wondered about many of the same things that you mentioned...leave it to the fabulous Courier!

Anonymous said...

sooo funny!