Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Crazy Manizales Weather

So, apparently weather here changes on a dime, and flying in and out will always be a bit of a problem. The airport runway is set up in the mountains almost, so rain, clouds, you name it, it closes. It can go from sunny and 75 in the morning to freezing and raining in the afternoon. Wouldn't be so bad, but how do you dress? I find myself most of the time with a scarf and coat, which I may need when I put it on and then not need it anymore in twenty minutes. And even more interesting is that a couple minutes "down the mountain" and it's warmer and not so crazy. There's only been one morning here so far that I've been able to see the Nevado from my window. Alex and her friend came for two days, so I got to go to the termales (hot springs) for a little while which made up for the cold, although it was also a reminder that Colombian taxi drivers are certified crazy.

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