Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cancún Christmas

So this was my Christmas and after...on the beach in Cancún. I love México, but Cancún does not in any way resemble the México that I love. It does have nice beaches, though, and I got to see one of the new wonders of the world, Chichen Itzá, along with its swarms of tourists. This reminds me of several points that I want to mention:
  1. Flying in Central America sucks. On the trip there, I had a flight from San Salvador to Guate, Guate to Flores, then Flores to Cancún. Note distances on map. Seriously, I could have driven to Guate faster than the nasty process of flying let me. On the way back, the flight was 2.5 hours late and I had to run to catch my next flight, after having circled around the city several times. This was also the flight where we were served the "leftovers" from the last trip. They didn't have any water. Which sucks, when you're sitting on the plane in Cancún with all the doors open for over an hour. But the amusing German couple sitting across from me (there was only 5 of us, plus the flight attendant) made it worth it. And the flight was almost $600...uggggggh Taca.
  2. I could not acquire Mexican food at the hotel. And anything in the hotel zone was expensive and not really what I was looking for. Is it too much to ask to have tortillas at every meal? I've been in Latin America too long, I think. But seriously, not even Christmas dinner was Mexican.
  3. Tour guides should not joke about giving tourist iguana for lunch. It's not that bad, and really, anything's good when you put picante and tortillas with it.
  4. It was still nice to see my parents!
When I go back to the Yucatán, I'd love to see all of the little places that a large tour bus would never take you to. Some day....

And this is the after part. I was in San Salvador for New Year's Eve. I'd been warned before that Salvadorans love to set off firecrackers and fireworks (cohetes), but did not really understand to what extent! My dislike for fireworks as a child has not changed...and here the fun part is that the dust and smoke in the aftermath makes it a little hard to breathe or see when you're driving your car. Just like a foggy morning in Northwest Ohio! And check out New Year's day sky...this is not a normal cloud!


Dennis said...

Hi, Erin.

I saw the link to your blog on one of the SMiELT pages and thought I'd drop by. I'm glad I did—because "La vida Barranquilla" is fascinating: visually very engaging, full of well-written details which make a "word picture" possible, and much more. It's a very good idea, I think, to set up "personal reflection" blogs like this because they furnish a way of recording thoughts as they happen and also a way of being able to find those thoughts easily: you don't have to remember where you've put note cards or a paper diary. As such, they're excellent as archival materials. When well written and full of observations and detail (as "La vida Barranquilla" is), they're also fascinating reading for others.

The title of this blog refreshes a memory of a choral composition, "The Breakers Off Barranquilla" (Joseph Clokey). I wish I could find a CD or .mp3 of this music: it's hauntingly beautiful, and I can still hear it (kind of) in my head.

Kudos to you for this fine account of your experiences in El Salvador and other locations you've traveled to while there.

Your blog reminds me of a similar one being created by a friend who's in the Yucatán now: check out Ventana Vistas if you can!

Best wishes from Arizona!

Dennis in Phoenix

Karamale said...

taca was cheaper than copa?