Monday, July 23, 2007

Boquerón 1 & 2, and Cerro Verde

Finally, after almost a year of being here, I got to go up (at least part of the way) the volcano in San Salvador. Maybe halfway up is a town/area called El Boquerón, also the name of the crater at the top. I went to a going away party at Café El Volcan one day, then a couple of days later went to have lunch at Café Miranda and to see Café San Fernando. Too bad all of San Salvador can't be so nice!

And then, last weekend I went to Cerro Verde, part of Parque Nacional Los Volcanes, with a friend. Beautiful, but unfortunate, since pretty much everything I wanted to see was covered in fog. It's actually an old volcano (last errupted some 25,000 years ago), even though cerro means hill in Spanish. The park also includes the Santa Ana volcano, called Ilamatepec, which is active now, and a very nice conical-shaped volcano called Izcalco.

Here's my pictures...enjoy!

El Boquerón and Cerro Verde

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