Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Weeks in San Miguel

The last three months of my fellowship are going to be spent in the eastern part of El Salvador, in San Miguel. San Miguel is the third largest city in El Salvador. I've already been back to San Salvador twice, going a third time on Wednesday, and went to Cuidad Barrios today. Planning to go to Gotera and San Fernando, up by Perquin, on Thursday. It's really, really hot in San Miguel right now, which is draining me of energy by noontime, leaving me pretty much useless in the afternoons. My room is vaguely unpacked, but I'm going from having a whole apartment to myself to sharing what is not really a complete apartment, so there's not space for all the junk I've accumulated. I finally decided to just not unpack everything.

Things I like about San Miguel: really friendly people, the volcano, the licuados, the track that's three blocks away from where I live, the smell of meat cooking in the streets, the tortillas, the fact that they play more salsa, merengue, and bachata here, and the market that I can also walk to. Oh, and it appears that you can domicilio most anything, a feature of life in Colombia that I truly missed.

Things I don't like: dehydration and living at work.

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