Thursday, October 05, 2006

More on life in San Salvador

Where am I at right now? San Salvador. From there, it’s about 2 hours to San Miguel, where I’ll be working the last couple of months I’m here. Supposedly San Miguel has a carnival in November…we’ll see. I'm also headed to Metapán this weekend to see what CCS is doing there, which is a little over two hours away, right on the border with Guatemala.

Daily life in San Salvador still makes me feel like I'm living in the US again, especially after this past year, but I'm slowly getting used to it. I'm slowly but surely getting to see other parts of the city. I'm still amazed at the lack of vacations and free time, and at how much time people spend working here.

Lately I’ve been keeping myself fairly busy, although it’s completely with work. I taught the teacher training course students eliciting this week and last week, which was fun. I miss teaching on a regular basis! Next month, though, I'll have at least one regular course during the week. I went to the embassy on Friday to meet people from different English-teaching institutions in the city, and was once again required to speak in front of a group in Spanish. I continue to find it extremely amusing that I speak more Spanish when I go to the US embassy than I do anywhere else here! I was also sick a good part of the week, which didn’t help me any in being productive.

I’ve gotta shape up, though, in getting stuff done. I go to Ibagué next Thursday to present for the first time at a conference! But, I haven’t finished my presentation yet, or really gotten very far with the article I'm writing to go along with it. My plane tickets finally got here, about two weeks late, so at least I've got that going for me. I'm flying with Avianca (yea, good frequent flyer program and stylish flight attendants). This trip is going to be a blast. Alex and Sarah are coming down to Manizales for some AEISIC thing, Grandfield’s going to a conference in Bogotá, some Uninorte people will be in Ibagué, too, and many other people I know from Barranquilla are going to be in Bogotá! I can’t wait!

Other interesting facts that I've learned this week: there’s apparently a crying ghost in the girl’s bathroom at CCS. Also, my apartment is close enough to the stadium that I should be able to hear Marc Anthony singing tonight for free!

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SarahEliz said...

yay! glad to hear that your tickets finally arrived :)