Monday, May 08, 2006

Fruit Update

Fruits that I still need to try:

Remolacha: saw it in the grocery yesterday for the first time. Looks like a beet. Yum, beet juice...

Huchuva or uchuva: looks like little yellow tomatos. Tastes good on salads and in jelly. Not so sure about the juice version.

Chontaduro: was told that it comes from "el valle." Which valle? And why doesn't anyone know what it tastes like?

This is some strange looking fruit I bought in Bogota. Tastes like maracuya, aka passion fruit. Was told its name, but don't remember. Does it start with a "c"?

I bought the maracuya-like fruit at this market in Fontibon, in Bogota. Barranquilla has nothing like this. Which makes me sad.

And finally, this is nispero (accent over the "i" which I'm too lazy to figure out how to type in...just like the "a" in Bogota). Tastes like yumminess!


Anonymous said...

í = alt+161

SusNyrop said...

Sweet or sour, ugly or weird looking - I've got the same desire to taste just ANY fruit and vegetable on Earth. Hmm.cannot say likewise about fast foods or meats...

Thanks for sharing these delicious pictures Erin,

Yours, Sus