Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy New Year, a little bit late, resolutions, etc.

Haven't posted for a while, even though I wanted to, 'cause McAfee on my dad's laptop blocks everything and even after playing with it for a while, couldn't figure out where to un-block Blogger.

I have to say, one of my resolutions for the new year (what I'm going to fix in 2006) is to take more pictures. People have been asking me, and I really don't have many good ones. I have no excuse really, now that I have a digital camera, other than I am extremely lazy when it comes to taking pictures!

And I have to find something useful to do with my time. I've spent the last I don't know how many years volunteering and I NEED to find me someplace to feel like I'm contributing something to society in Barranquilla. Even if the locals don't have that need, I do. What have I done with the past six months? It's not like working with the students is very fulfilling (sorry, those of you who are good students). And what do I do, really, other than work, sleep, and kind of eat? So much for my idea of working in Colombia being at least more relaxing than being a full-time grad student. It's not, in many ways. I don't want to keep losing hair from all the stress! So that's another resolution-don't lose any more hair from working too much.

I WILL finish my first knitting project this year, I swear. I WILL pay off my $26.50 overdue book fine to the Cincinnati Public Library. I WILL at least start doing yoga again 4 times a week because I realized I have no muscles left in my body.

I had a great New Year's Eve with my friends in the 'Nati. And it was 60 degrees the next day! Balmy! Amazing! Even thought 60 is still a shocker after 85. I wanted it to look like this (Christmas last year), but I can deal with not having to wear a coat all the time when it's January!

And we went salsa dancing at the Mad Frog, where people know how to turn! I truly miss living in that city (mostly because of friends and connections) but also because even though there's really not much to do there, there's 10 times more to do than in Barranquilla (which how is that possible?).

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