Monday, November 28, 2005

Costeño Dictionary

Check out El nuevo diccionario del Costeño to learn lots of "Spanish" words in the Costeño dialect. You probably won't ever hear them from anyone who's not from Colombia's Atlantic coast, but it's still interesting. For example, we have boli: jugo (zumo) de fruta congelado que se vende en bolsitas de plástico transparente which are kind of like the popsicles you make out of Kool-aid in little Dixie cups when you're a kid, but tastier. They were called cubitos in Mexico.


Jorge said...

Hey eric you idea was very cool, and original.

Anonymous said...

Erin When we say birria, that we mean is play any game when yuo can wagering, but don`t pay for that.
(BIRRIA : jugar algun juego donde tu puedas apostar, pero sin hacerlo, por ejemplo, jugar domino a birria, normalmente la pareja que pierde el juego de domino paga, pero si tu juegas a birria cuando pierdes no le pagas al otro nada, es solo por divercion.)
I thing that yuo realy enjoy stay here in our contry. atte Alfredo

Miguel Ángel said...

Whay do you say "Spanish"? They're are really spanish words but in a specific accent and are more used by a specific group of people.