Monday, July 18, 2005

Okay, so here I am!

So, I've made it! It's hot here, over 90 but I'm not really sure how much over. I've been at the university for a couple of days now. It's nicer than I expected, which is great, but there certainly are some differences (I'll talk more about that later). Barranquilla's also smaller than I thought, so there's not much to do other than going out to dance or drink, which I'm not too excited about. Oh well. It reminds me somewhat of Acapulco (if you've been there), with all the crazy streets and ugly buildings, but without the beautiful beaches and cliffs. The people here are wonderful...extremely friendly and helpful...I'm once again living with costeños! It's funny, the costeños here speak just as fast as they did in Mexico, cutting out syllables or whatever else they feel like in similar places.

What else? I've been to the beach twice so far-once looking for apartments and the other just to sit around and escape the heat. Apparently the weather is normally much nastier, but because of the all the hurricanes and tropical storms, there's some rain to cool it down and keep a little bit of a breeze going.

Sorry for any horrible mistakes you may see in my typing...I'm trying to adjust to using a Spanish keyboard again. Once I get my office computer in working order I'll start posting pics and entries more often!


Goutham said...
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Goutham said...

I think you should change your title of the blog to "Attack of the BLOG" or maybe "Attack of the 50 foot BLOG"!!